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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Havana Cabana resort?

The new Havana Cabana Resort, formerly The Inn At Key West, sits waterfront in Key West, a destination steeped with charm and character. Taking nostalgic influences from the art and culture of our neighbors in Cuba, the Cabana is a lush escape from reality.

Where is the best Cabana in Key West?

Havana Cabana Key West is located on the opposite end of the island as popular and crowded Duval Street. There is a big, renovated lobby with high ceilings, marble floors, a double staircase, and large palm-leaf overhead fans. Seating is scattered throughout the space, including a leather sofa, armchairs, and square dining tables.

When will Havana Cabana Key West reopen?

Rooms with views of the Gulf of Mexico also overlook a busy street and parking lot Havana Cabana Key West will reopen April 2018. Havana Cabana Key West is a 106-room, upper-middle range hotel that overlooks the Gulf of Mexico and features a tropical-style pool with tiki bar in the center of the property.

What is the Havana Cabana's mascot?

Considered the Havana Cabana mascot, “Maiden” – the goddess of the sea – was created by artist Colette Pisut to honor the mermaids of The Florida Keys and be a welcoming face for all hotel guests.

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