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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 'Havana syndrome'?

WASHINGTON — Five years after U.S. diplomats and spies in Cuba started hearing unexplained sounds and getting sick, frustration over the mystery known as "Havana Syndrome" is giving way to a growing number of legal and financial battles as potential ...

Does Cuba have 5G?

Most mobile phone owners have smartphones, although Cuba is only now installing 3G technology, even as most of Latin America has moved onto 4G, with 5G in its final testing phase.

Is Havana syndrome contagious?

This is a contagious condition in groups of people. The people tend to share the same symptoms. They mainly manifest when people are exposed to a certain level of anxiety. The study about Havana syndrome is still ongoing research. However, with the available knowledge, there is hope for better management of the syndrome.

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