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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Hayden Electric fan kit?

These Hayden automotive electric fan kits are designed to allow your electric fan to turn off and on at certain temperatures. Hayden offers these electric fan kits for single or dual fan applications. All of these Hayden electric fan kits are compatible with their own fans and original equipment cooling fans.

Can I use a Hayden fan controller with my a/C compressor?

The 3651 Hayden fan controller has a threaded sensor for activation but it also has a wire that can be connected to the positive side of the A/C compressor. Please not that all Hayden controllers are designed to work with most aftermarket electric fans, but they should not be used with the OE fans assemblies.

What is an electric fan adjustable thermostat kit?

Sold as a kit. Hayden electric fan adjustable thermostat kits allow for a wide range of temperature adjustments for your electric fan. To help prevent your radiator from overheating, just select your fan to the temperature you want it at so it automatically goes into cool-mode.

Where does the sensor probe go on a Hayden thermostat?

For easy installation, the sensor probe can either fit in the water-neck or between the fins of your radiator. Get your cool on with electric fan adjustable thermostat kits from Hayden!

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