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Frequently Asked Questions

What chemicals are considered hazardous?

In contrast, a chemical that is not highly toxic can be lethal if a large amount is ingested. It should be noted that not all chemicals are considered hazardous. Examples of nonhazardous chemicals include pH neutral buffers, sugars, starches, agar, and naturally occurring amino acids.

What is hazardous situation?

A hazardous situation occurs when people are exposed to a hazard or. when property or the environment is threatened. A hazardous situation. exists when a vulnerable entity is exposed to a hazard.

What is another word for hazardous?

Synonyms for Hazardous: adj. •adventurous (adjective) reckless, venturous. n. Other synonyms: • marauding, dangerously, malign, kamikaze, calamitous, adverse, cataclysmic, harmful, destructive, prejudicial, suicidal, lethal, perilously, damaging.

What does potentially hazardous mean?

Potentially hazardous foods mean any food that contains moisture, protein, and is in a form capable of supporting the rapid and accelerating growth of infectious or toxigenic microorganisms.

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