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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to the healthcare first reporting portals?

Login using your email and password to access any of the following HEALTHCARE first reporting portals: Having trouble logging in? Select the “Forget Your Password?” link next to the login button and we will send you an email to help you login.

How do I make a mobile deposit to healthcare first credit union?

Any member that is enrolled in mobile capture and uploads a check for deposit MUST write “for mobile deposit only to HealthCare First Credit Union” on the back of the check. 24 hours, 7 days a week access to your accounts is totally free! All you need is a touch tone phone and your personal identification number (PIN).

How do I enroll in the healthcare first cu mobile app?

For instructions on how to enroll please call or stop by your local credit union branch. Our app is free and easy to download. Just go to the App Store or Google Play, search HealthCare First CU Mobile, download the app and start going mobile today! The HFCU Mobile app allows members to use mobile capture to deposit checks.

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