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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Healthians?

Healthians is one of the most trusted players in diagnostics today, with a network of fully automated labs across major cities in India, that are hardcoded with innovative technology, advanced robotics and intelligent digital solutions.

Is coupon code required to avail the offer of Healthians?

Healthians Coupon code is not required to avail the offer. It is Present in almost 22 cities for routine health check-ups to avoid major lifestyle diseases and help them improve quality. Verified Today. is India's largest [email protected] home service that offers guaranteed highest quality results at best prices.

What is included in a full body checkup?

"Full Body checkup includes Lipid Profile Test, Liver Function Test, Kidney Function Test, Complete Hemogram Test, Thyroid Profile Test, Urine Routine Test, Blood Glucose Test and more." How do I get a Full Body Checkup?

How do I get my Healthians report?

You get your Healthians report to your email, which you can download and keep for future reference. If you wish to have the reports readily accessible from anywhere, you can create an account, and every time you wish to check your reports, you can go on Healthians and login and refer to them.

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