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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Heather Altman, real estate agent and TV personality?

Heather Altman (maiden name Heather Bilyeu) is an American real estate agent and TV personality, based in Los Angeles, California. Smart and highly driven, the blonde bombshell has dedicated most of her adult life to her career & is very open about her passion for the business.

How old is Josh Altman wife Heather Altman?

Heather Altman (born on 25 January 1985) is an American real estate agent, entrepreneur as well as a reality star. Her age is 35 years old. And, his zodiac sign is Aquarius. She is the wife of Josh Altman.

When did Heather Altman move to Los Angeles?

California Department of Real Estate Heather Bilyeu Altman has been a licensed real estate agent in California since 2008 Altman made the move to Los Angeles in 2006 after the housing market crashed in Las Vegas.

How much money does heather Altman make a year?

Working with the Fortune 500 base, she made at least 1 million dollars per year before switching back to selling real estate in 2012. On account of her efforts, Altman became one of the realtors in America to reach the 200+ million dollars real estate transaction target.

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