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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it true that Heather Brooke is still alive?

She's still out here trying to jam Heather Harmon down our throats (see what I did there?) and its just NOT HAPPENING, LADY. Sorry the whole internet got confused because you had a threesome with a chick named Brooke, but thats your name now. Is what it is. Cant put that toothpaste back in the tube.

Who is the husband of Heather Brookes kids?

PPS - Hot Seat: Heather Brooke's kids, Cool Throne: Heather Brooke's husband. Imagine being that lucky son of a bitch right now? Whats that, honey?

What's the name of Heather Harmon's Twitter account?

Also known as "Heather Brooke" (thanks Limewire!). Back after 15 long years and celebrating 20 years since we began! New to Twitter? Sign up now to get your own personalized timeline!

How is Heather Brooke like a beacon of Hope?

This is like Bruce Wayne in Christopher Nolan's Batman sacrificing himself to save Gotham. She's the hero America needs, but not the one we deserve right now. And yet shes still giving it to us.

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