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Frequently Asked Questions

What religion did the Hebrews create?

The religion of the ancient Hebrews, Judaism, is perhaps the earliest monotheistic religion. Early Jews lived in small tribes that inhabited what is now Israel and Jordan. Tradition holds that the first Jew was Abraham, who embraced the idea that one God created and rules the universe.

Did the Hebrews believe in other gods?

The Hebrews were the ancestors of the modern Jewish people. Most cultures of the ancient world believed in many gods, but the Hebrews were monotheistic; they believed in only one God . The Hebrews have a written tradition called scripture that refers to events from 4000 years ago.

Why did Hebrews believe in one God?

According to Jewish sources, Judaism was the first great faith to believe in one God. Its fundamental beliefs are based on the Torah (the first five books of the Old Testament), along with other Old Testament writings and rabbinical interpretations of the Torah.

What were the beliefs of the Hebrews?

Beliefs. He indentifies 10 key beliefs as follows: 1: Hebrew Israelites believe that modern American minorities – both black and brown – are the true descendants of Biblical Israel. 2: Hebrew Israelites believe that modern day Israelites and Europeanized Jews are impostors and not the real descendants of true Israel.

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