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Who was the husband in the Alfred Hitchcock Hour?

The twist at the end made this one worth seeing. Alex (Henry Jones) is a terrible husband. Instead of loving and caring for his wife, he spends much of his time chasing other women. Recently, he's become very fond of a 26 year-old lady and during one rendezvous, he notices a man watching them (Robert Loggia).

Who was the actor in Alfred Hitchcock's De mortuis?

Henry Jones and Robert Emhardt did a lot of TV appearances during this era and seeing them was pleasant and familiar. As for the plot, it's not great but was also darkly funny and worth seeing. 4 of 7 people found this review helpful.

What was the motive in the Alfred Hitchcock Hour?

A philandering husband decides to improve his situation by having his overweight and frumpy wife killed. When he tells his girlfriend about the plan, she is outraged, and he desperately tries to stop the murder.

Who was Henry Jones in this is the Army?

During World War II, he served in the army and was cast in Irving Berlin 's This is the Army. Jones is remembered for his role as handyman Leroy Jessup in the movie The Bad Seed (1956), a role he originated on Broadway.

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