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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the founders of HIH Insurance Company?

In 1968, Ray Williams and Michael Payne formed "M W Payne Underwriting Agency Pty Ltd", which was acquired in 1971 by British company CE Heath PLC. Ray Williams was appointed to the board of CE Heath in 1980.

When did HIH Insurance go out of business?

HIH Insurance Limited was a publicly listed company in Australia. Prior to its collapse in 2001, the HIH Group was the second largest general insurer in Australia and had operations in many other countries. On 15 March 2001, HIH Insurance Limited and a number of its subsidiaries were placed into provisional liquidation.

What kind of insurance does HIH Insurance write?

HIH comprised several separate government–licensed insurance companies, including HIH Casualty and General Insurance Limited, FAI General Insurance Company Limited (FAI), CIC Insurance Limited (CIC) and World Marine and General Insurances Limited (WMG). HIH wrote many types of insurance in Australia, the USA, and the UK.

Who is responsible for HIH Insurance in Australia?

All HIH policies in this category where the relevant HIH insurer is in provisional liquidation, will be honoured by QBE Insurance (Australia) Ltd (QBE) for no extra premium from consumers. Travellers whose insurance cover was in question should now be protected by new arrangements.

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