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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the go Hilton lobby rules and policies?

Team Members should visit the Program Guide on the Go Hilton Lobby pages as the main source for rules, policies, and other information that supersedes any other document, including this summary.

What is the learning lobby at Hilton?

Hilton Learning Lobby. The Learning Lobby is a website that provides a virtual learning experience for Hilton Team Members. If you have registered for a curriculum that's available in the Learning Lobby, please login with your Hilton account.

How does the go Hilton team member travel program work?

Go Hilton Team Member travel program 1 Booking a Go Hilton Stay. ... 2 Checking In & Staying with Go Hilton Rates. ... 3 Hilton Honors Points, Stay Credit, & Hotel Benefits. ... 4 Hilton Honors Relocation & Recovery (Walk Policy) Occasionally, a hotel may find itself in an overbooked situation. ...

Does Hilton have a travel discount program?

Go Hilton Team Member travel program Go Hilton Team Member travel program Go Hilton is a leisure travel discount program for eligible Hilton Team Members and their authorized family and friends. Eligible participants can take advantage of special room rates and other perks.

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