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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of the word hippiatric?

Hippiatric hip-i-at′rik, adj. relating to the treatment of the diseases of horses.— Hippiat′rics.— ns. Hippiat′rist; Hippiat′ry.— adj. Hipp′ic, relating to horses. How to pronounce Hippiatric?

Is there a free encyclopedia from the Hippiatrica?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Folio from the Hippiatrica with written and illustrated instructions on drenching a horse to induce diarrhea. The Hippiatrica (Greek: Ἱππιατρικά) is a Byzantine compilation of ancient Greek texts, mainly excerpts, dedicated to the care and healing of the horse.

How many texts are there in the hippiatric Dictionary?

These include, in order, seven mythological texts, nine ritual texts, two incantations, two "scientific" texts (one hippiatricand one teratological), fifteen letters, five juridical texts, twelve economic texts, and three abecedaries (actually three tablets, five copies of the alphabet). Manuel d'Ougaritique Dictionary browser?

What is the numerology value of a hippiatric?

The numerical value of Hippiatric in Chaldean Numerology is: 7

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