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Frequently Asked Questions

Why to choose a HMO?

List of the Pros of an HMO You get to work with a doctor who becomes your primary point of care access. ... The cost of care is usually lower when joining an HMO. Compared to the cost of other networks or healthcare insurance plans, an HMO is almost always less expensive. Some HMOs do not require a deductible. ... You will not need to prepare claim forms to receive medical services. ... More items...

What is a HMO and how does it work?

HMO stands for health maintenance organization, a type of managed care health insurance. As the name implies, one of an HMO’s primary goals is to keep its members healthy. Your HMO would rather spend a small amount of money up front preventing illness than a lot of money later on trying to treat it.

Why is HMO cheaper than PPO insurance?

Why Is HMO Cheaper Than PPO? An HMO is usually cheaper than a PPO because it is a smaller network, often limited to your zip code area, and always limited to your state of residence. Can't Choose Between HMO And PPO? Well, it really depends on your situation. An HMO can still be ideal for cutting costs for temporary situations, or again, to cut costs for those who don't travel like infants or the elderly.

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