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Frequently Asked Questions

How did the Hobart class destroyer get its name?

The Navy League of Australia suggested several possible names for a possible fourth destroyer; one was to name the ship Melbourne; another involved taking the Adelaide name from the second Canberra -class landing helicopter dock ship, and renaming the larger vessel Australia. HMAS Hobart, left, and HMAS Brisbane at ASC Osborne in June 2016.

What was the cost of the Hobart class frigate?

With concerns both over the cost and management of the Hobart -class program and a union campaign calling for job security at government-owned shipyard ASC, the Abbott Government committed over $78 million to preliminary studies to determine whether the Hobart -class hull could be utilised for the Future Frigate.

Are there any destroyers in the Australian Navy?

The Hobart class is a class of three air warfare destroyers (AWD) being built for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). Planning for ships to replace the Adelaide-class frigates and restore the capability last exhibited by the Perth-class destroyers began by 2000, initially under acquisition project SEA 1400, which was redesignated SEA 4000.

What kind of radar does the Hobart class AWD have?

The Hobart-class AWDs are the first RAN warships to be equipped with the Aegis combat system. Aegis includes an SPY-1D (V) radar, Mk 41 vertical launch system (VLS), SM-2 standard missile and an open architecture (OA) combat system.

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