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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Hogan Stand for?

The essence of the given name Hogan stands for idealism, intuition, romance, generosity, creativity, wisdom and tolerance.

What is female Hogan used for?

A female hogan is used for traditional ceremonies. The Navajo people today, and for centuries, lived in female hogans for traditional reasons; sometimes just because it is very beautiful to live in. Navajo people use female hogans for ceremonies when a girl goes into woman hood.

What is traditional Navajo hogan?

Navajo Rug Appraisal Co. The Navajo Hogan. A hogan or hoghan is the primary traditional home of the Navajo people (Diné). Other traditional structures include the summer shelter, the underground home, and the sweat house. For the Navajo, the hogan is considered sacred.

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