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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Hogan land title company?

Hogan Land Title was quick to adapt. Jack also developed, marketed and implemented one of the first pieces of software directly designed for the title industry. Hogan Land Title Company continues to thrive today and is still a family owned and operated operation.

How old was Jack Hogan when he moved to Springfield?

After a business venture or two in West Plains, and serving in the US Navy, a young 23-year-old Jack Hogan moved to Springfield in hopes of something new. At the urging of his father, Jack began his pursuit in the abstract business and quickly landed a spot at Thieme-Hunt Abstract.

Who is Jack Hogan?

It wasn’t until 1953 that a young 23-year-old Jack Hogan from West Plains, Missouri would move to Springfield in pursuit of a career in the abstract business. A few months after searching around Springfield Jack was able to land a spot at Thieme – Hunt Abstract.

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