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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Holly Molly mean?

Definition of holy moly. holy moly. expression. Holy Moly = Awesome and surprised. You caught that big fish, Holy Moly The original phrase is "Holy Moly", which originated in the 30's by Marvel Comics characters. Last edited on Aug 26 2014.

What does Holey mean?

Holey means full of holes. It is a perfectly good word, no matter what spell check says. Its more common homophone holy has several definitions: 1. sacred, or associated with a deity; 2. worthy of worship; 3. saintly; 4. deserving reverence. Both words are old.

What is Molly Holly?

Molly Holly is a retired professional wrestler known for her time in WCW and WWF/E. She is one of only four women to hold the Hardcore Championship and she would go to hold the WWE Women's Championship on two occasions. Though she once portrayed a superheroic sidekick to The Hurricane, Molly is best known for her runs as...

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