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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you bring into the Hollywood Bowl?

What to Bring. Preparation is very important when going to the Hollywood Bowl. Usually, people bring a light dinner or snack, like cheese, crackers, and fruit, along with some wine (yes, alcohol is allowed) and dessert. Gourmet sandwiches work well if you want a full meal.

What are the best seats at the Hollywood Bowl?

Aside from the Boxes, the Super Seats are the best seats at the Hollywood Bowl. It isn’t the view that sets these seats apart as much as the actual seats, which are padded with seat backs. The location is great as well though, as you are positioned right in the center of the bowl.

What to wear to the Hollywood Bowl?

Wearing comfortable clothing and shoes is a must for navigating the grounds of the Hollywood Bowl, and make sure you bring along a light jacket or blanket in case it gets chilly in the evening. As mentioned, seat cushions come in handy, especially if you’re sitting in one of the bench seats.

How many seats at the Hollywood Bowl?

Crowds at the Hollywood Bowl. With a seating capacity of just under 18,000, the Hollywood Bowl is not an intimate concert venue, but it seldom feels overcrowded, either. To avoid frustration, arrive early enough to allow time to get through security and get to your seats.

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