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Frequently Asked Questions

What is hellohollywood life?

Hollywood Life is an American digital media brand launched in 2009 by magazine editor Bonnie Fuller. The site covers celebrity, fashion, beauty, women issues, and entertainment news. It also airs award shows and other pop culture events.

What is Hollywood Life TV show?

It also airs award shows and other pop culture events. Hollywood Life was launched in 2009 as part of Penske Media Corporation by magazine editor Bonnie Fuller, who is the former editor of the magazines Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and Us Weekly.

What is Hollywood Hollywood?

Hollywood is a neighborhood in the central region of Los Angeles, California. Its name has come to be a shorthand reference for the U.S. film industry and the people associated with it.

What is the average age of a Hollywood resident?

The median age for residents was 31, about the city's average. Hollywood was said to be "highly diverse" when compared to the city at large. The ethnic breakdown in 2000 was 42.2% Latino or Hispanic, 41% Non-Hispanic White, 7.1% Asian, 5.2% black, and 4.5% other.

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