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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hollywood studios still worth visiting?

It's not worth the time, money, or energy to visit - despite having one of the best, if not the best, attractions on Walt Disney World property (the Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror). You see, Disney's Hollywood Studios is in something of a state of flux at the moment. Big changes are coming, most of which have not yet been confirmed.

What are the major studios in Hollywood?

Major film studio. Paramount is the only one still based in Hollywood with Columbia being in Culver City and Fox in Century City; furthermore, Paramount, Columbia, and Fox are the only ones still located within and near the Los Angeles city limits. Both Disney and Warner Bros. are located in Burbank and Universal is in the unincorporated area of Universal City .

Are Hollywood studios and Universal Studios the same thing?

Walt Disney World has four separate gated theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Universal has two: Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure.

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