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Frequently Asked Questions

What jobs are available at Home Depot?

Jobs Available at Home Depot. The following are some examples of the types of retail jobs that Home Depot may have openings for: Administrative Assistant. Associate (Various Departments) Cashier. Customer Service Coordinator. Delivery Driver. Delivery Puller.

What is the best job at Home Depot?

If you get a job in a Home Depot store, the best position is Store Manager. The pay is superb and the benefits are excellent. In my opinion, MET has the best schedule of any retailer. MET associates and Supervisors in the stores on the day side work 5 eight-hour shifts, Monday through Friday with weekends and holidays off.

How do I apply for Home Depot jobs?

When you go into The Home Depot to apply for a job, you are directed to the computer kiosk to fill out an application. You can go online from a different location to fill out an application or at least to see what they're looking for so you have all the information needed to apply at the store.

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