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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the HomeGoods stores in Ames Iowa?

The store is within easy walking distance to Greenbriar Park, Ames Municipal Airport, Lincoln Center, Cory Family Cemetery, Squaw Creek Park, Iowa State University Veterinary Medicine Campus, Coldwater Golf Links, Iowa Department of Transportation and State Forest Nursery. There is currently 1 HomeGoods location open in Ames, Iowa.

Is there a Medical Center in Ames IA?

Mary Greeley Medical Center Home Medical Equipment provides high-quality equipment and excellent service in the home. Home Medical Supplies | Ames, IA - Mary Greeley Medical Center

Where to get home medical supplies in Iowa?

We also offer customer-friendly payment plans. If you have questions about our payment options, please call us at (515) 239-6814 in Ames or at (800) 247-0845 anywhere in Iowa. Accreditations & Certifications

What do people buy at Theisen's of Ames?

At Theisen’s we believe “people buy from people, not companies.” We strive to meet our customers’ home, farm, auto, pets, clothing and outdoor needs by carrying trusted brands of merchandise at great prices with exceptional service.

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