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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any department stores left in the United States?

For department stores currently in business, see List of department stores of the United States. This is a list of defunct department stores of the United States, from small-town one-unit stores to mega-chains, which have disappeared over the past 100 years. Many closed, while others were sold or merged with other department stores .

Why did Home Depot close all its stores in China?

(Reuters) - Home Depot Inc HD.N, the world's largest home improvement chain, will close all seven of its big box stores and cut 850 jobs in China as the retailer changes its focus in the Chinese market to online and specialty stores and becomes the latest retailer to feel the chill from China's slowing economy.

Are there any stores that have gone out of business?

DEB – closed its stores in 2015, and returned later that year as an online-only retailer selling plus-size clothing. Delia's – founded in 1993 as a juniors' clothing catalog, Delia's (stylized as dEliA*s) expanded to more than 100 physical locations before cheaper competitors sent it to bankruptcy in 2014.

Are there any stores that sell home decor?

And designer-owned home decor stores and specialty design boutiques are the exact types of retailers that very much need customers right now—whether for a socially distanced shopping session or an online order.

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