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Frequently Asked Questions

What is and isn't covered by homeowners insurance?

What Is and Isn't Covered by Homeowner's Insurance Replacement Cost vs. Fair Value. ... Car Coverage. Most homeowner's insurance policies include coverage for personal effects and separate structures on your property, but what happens if your car is broken into while it's on your ... Fire Coverage. ... Vandalism. ... Flooding. ... Deductibles. ...

What is homeowners insurance and what does it cover?

Homeowners insurance is made up of coverages that may help pay to repair or replace your home and belongings if they are damaged by certain perils, such as fire or theft. It may also help cover costs if you accidentally damage another person's property or if a visitor is injured at your home.

How much homeowners insurance coverage should you buy?

Homeowner's insurance will cover accidents that happen on your property, so you won't have to pay expensive medical bills or lawsuits. Most homeowner's insurance policies have a minimum of $100,000 in liability coverage. But you should buy at least $300,000-and $500,000 if you can.

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