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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the Homestar Runner Wiki?

Welcome to the Homestar Runner Wiki, the Homestar Runner knowledge base that anyone can edit . We're currently working on 3,123 articles about our favorite Internet cartoon. Main Menu: Index Page | Main Pages | Toons | Games | Characters | Downloads | Store | Email | Legal | Museum

What kind of shirt does Homestar Runner wear?

Homestar Runner is the star of his namesake website. He is mainly colored white, with black comma-shaped eyes and a prominent underbite. Usually, he wears a red shirt with a white star and a blue beanie with a red brim and a white spinner. His legs are quite long in relation to the rest of his body.

Who are the main characters in Homestar Runner?

While the site originally centered on the title character, Homestar Runner, the Strong Bad Email cartoon skits quickly became the site's most popular and prominent feature, with Strong Bad becoming a breakout character.

How are sales paid for on Homestar Runner?

Merchandise sales paid for all of the costs of running the website as well as living costs of the creators, whose retired parents managed many of the business aspects.

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