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Frequently Asked Questions

How many articles are on the Homestar Runner Wiki?

Welcome to the Homestar Runner Wiki, the Homestar Runner knowledge base that anyone can edit . We're currently working on 3,120 articles about our favorite Internet cartoon. Main Menu: Index Page | Main Pages | Toons | Games | Characters | Downloads | Store | Email | Legal | Museum

Who are the female characters in Homestar Runner?

Marzipan is the only major female character in Homestar Runner. She has a handbell-shaped body with her face on the surface of the "handle". Her eyes consist of two black circles of different sizes.

Where did the name Homestar Runner come from?

Matt described the origin of the name "Homestar Runner" as a in-joke between themselves and James Huggins, a childhood friend of the Chapman brothers while growing up in Dunwoody, Georgia. It actually comes from a friend of ours [James]. There was an old local grocery store commercial, and we live in Atlanta, and it advertised the Atlanta Braves.

Who are the Brothers Chaps of Homestar Runner?

Homestar Runner is a Flash-animated surreal comedy web series created by Mike and Matt Chapman, also known as The Brothers Chaps.

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