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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose HomeStreet Bank to finance your home?

You can calculate monthly mortgage payments, scan documents to your Loan Officer, and keep track of the loan process. You could get a mortgage from any number of financial institutions, so why choose HomeStreet Bank to finance your home? We have held firmly to one principle for nearly a century— provide excellent customer service.

Does HomeStreet Bank have any questions about account information?

We're happy that you've chosen HomeStreet Bank to serve your financial needs. If you have questions regarding account information that may be confidential please contact our Loan Servicing Department using one of the following methods:

What does HomeStreet do for its clients?

One of HomeStreet’s core values is to do the right thing for our clients and communities. That's why, if someone believes that they wouldn't be able to buy a home, we go above and beyond to help. Learn how we can help buyers gain access to programs like Down Payment Assistance, Doctor Loans, USDA Loans and more.

Is HomeStreet Bank upgrading its “check my loan” website?

Important Message: on October 6th HomeStreet Bank will be upgrading our “Check My Loan” website. Please note that you will need to re-register on the new site even if you were previously registered on “Check My Loan”.

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