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Frequently Asked Questions

Is HomeStreet Bank in trouble?

Seattle-based HomeStreet Bank was in that third category. The 91-year-old company, known as Continental Savings Bank until 2000, ran into trouble with a portfolio overweighted with land-development and home-building loans that went sour, sending provisions for losses on those loans soaring.

Do mortgage lenders have minimum mortgage amounts?

Mortgage programs backed by the government (FHA, VA and USDA) have no minimum mortgage amount Home loans backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac do not require a minimum amount However, mortgage lenders almost always impose minimum mortgage amounts and/or extra fees for smaller loans

What is a mortgage home loan?

A mortgage is a loan to purchase a home or other piece of property. A mortgage payment should not exceed 28% of the total income of a qualifier. With a mortgage, the lender holds the deed to the property as collateral. A mortgage is a loan a person uses to pay for a piece of property.

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