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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of connectors do I need for a Honda motorcycle?

Universal Female/Male Connectors by Add On Accessories®. Electrical terminal couplers are OEM quality and a necessity to any garage mechanic. Includes female and male nylon connectors with brass pins for a 2 wire connection. 10 Pack. Universal Sumitomo Type Wiring Connector Kit by Dobeck Performance®.

What kind of wiring harness do I need for a Honda ATV?

Universal Wiring Harness by KC HiLiTES®. This KC wiring harness for two lights with 2-pin Deutsch connectors allows you to add up to 2 lights up to 55W each. It features a relay with an illuminated switch, and has everything you may...

How do you uncouple electrical connectors on a Honda ATV?

And if others come across this thread: The little protusions on both sides, that look like clips that have to be depressed, have nothing to do with how the connector opens. Just lift up on the little plastic tab on the top, and pull it apart.

What kind of transmission does a Honda ATV have?

Get onto a Honda FourTrax Recon® for one of our hardest-working ATVs. The specially designed 250-class engine is built to promise exceptional low-rpm torque and power. Choose your transmission: their conventional foot-shift ATV transmission, or Honda’s Electric Shift Program (ESP) on the Recon ES model.

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