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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Honda CRV a good vehicle?

Yes , the Honda CR-V is a very good compact SUV. In fact, we named it our 2021 Best Compact SUV for the Money because it has the best combination of quality and value in its class.

What does Honda CR-V stand for?

The acronym "CRV" (as in Honda CR-V) represents a mix between a car or minivan and a sport utility vehicle, or SUV. There are at least two official definitions of it. It’s stands for "Compact Recreation Vehicle. It's "Comfortable Runabout Vehicle.".

How many people can ride in a Honda CR-V?

The CR-V seats five people in two rows on standard cloth upholstery. Leather upholstery, power-adjustable front seats, and heated front seats are available. You can also get a leather-wrapped steering wheel and a heated steering wheel.

What are the different models of the Honda CR - V?

The 2019 Honda CR-V is going to be available on four different trims, namely- LX, EX, EX-L and Touring. This Honda SUV is available in 10 colors, 5 of which are Pearl colors while the rest 5 are metallic.

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