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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different models of Honda Pilot?

The Honda Pilot is a popular cross over SUV that comprises 4 different Honda Pilot trim models. These different models are the Honda Pilot LX, which is the basic model, the Honda Pilot EX, the Honda Pilot EX-L and the Honda Pilot Touring, which is the premium luxury model of the vehicle.

What is Honda Pilot body style?

Honda Pilot body style5-door SUV

What size SUV is a Honda Pilot?

Honda’s largest crossover SUV, the Pilot, is a family-oriented vehicle with three rows of seats and a foot in both the mid-size and full-size classes, mainly because it’s always had seating for up to eight people.

What is a Honda Pilot?

Honda Pilot models The 2022 Honda Pilot is a three-row midsize SUV that comes in five trim levels: EX-L, SE (or Special Edition), Touring, Elite and Black Edition. The EX-L, SE and Touring models have seating for eight, though second-row captain's chairs — which reduce capacity to seven — are optional on the Touring.

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