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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is William Huneycutt?

Bingham Memorial Hospital is pleased to introduce William Huneycutt, MD, a very talented, board-certified neurosurgeon. As he has always found the intricacies of the neuro-system fascinating, Dr. Huneycutt went to medical school and performed his residency at the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond, Virginia.

Why choose Honeycutt machine?

Our 21,500 square foot facility is capable of handling all of your machining needs from prototype to production. Starting with one old lathe and one old mill, Honeycutt Machine was founded in June of 1980. The purpose of the company was to provide basic machining for local businesses on a job shop basis.

Who is Rick Honeycutt?

Lt. Col. Weldon Honeycutt, American Commander of the 187th Infantry Regiment, one of the units that fought in the Battle of Hamburger Hill in the Vietnam War Frederick Wayne "Rick" Honeycutt (b. 1954), American professional baseball coach and retired pitcher

Where does the last name Honeycutt come from?

The surname Honeycutt was first found in Somerset where conjecturally they are descended from William, a Norman noble who was a subtenant of Roger de Courseulles, and was Lord of the manor of Hunecote or Hunnecota, and was recorded in the Domesday Book taken in the year 1086, and the manor is recorded as being "two nuns, as a royal grant.".

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