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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you rent or buy a hospital bed?

You should consider rental if you only need a hospital bed for a short time and have decided that the limitations we outlined above will not negatively affect your or your loved one. If you plan to use the bed for more than a few months and want the security, convenience, and freedom of ownership, you should buy your hospital bed.

Where can I buy a cheap hospital bed?

There are many places where a healthcare administrator, home health worker, or a person with a bedridden loved one is able to find a hospital bed for sale including medical equipment stores or catalogs, through a physician’s office, and online at auctions sites such as eBay.

How do you rent a hospital bed?

Rent a Hospital Bed at Careway Wellness Center. If you have a temporary need for a hospital bed, rent a hospital bed from Careway Wellness Center on a monthly basis. The minimum one month rental rate is $300, which includes delivery, setup, instructions on its use, and also its removal from the home.

Where can you buy used hospital beds?

It is also possible to buy a hospital bed through private sources. Offers of used hospital beds are occasionally found in local newspaper classified ads. DME retailers also offer private sales of both new and used models.

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