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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy a cheap hospital bed?

There are many places where a healthcare administrator, home health worker, or a person with a bedridden loved one is able to find a hospital bed for sale including medical equipment stores or catalogs, through a physician’s office, and online at auctions sites such as eBay.

Are hospital beds covered by Medicare?

Hospital beds are adjustable beds covered by Medicare. Like other medical insurance, the deductible for Medicare must be fulfilled. From there, two payment options for acquiring the home use of a hospital bed can be considered.

What is a hospital bed at home?

The most common type of hospital bed for home use is the full - electric bed, which simply means that all adjustments are made electronically via a remote or button panel. This is the best option for home use as it allows the patient to control the bed themselves via remote rather than relying on a carer or family member to help them operate it.

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