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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the customers of hospital gift shops?

While hospital gift shops cater to patients and visitors with flowers, plush items and gifts, many managers and industry professionals interviewed for this feature report that more than 60 percent of a gift shop’s customer base consists of hospital employees.

What's the best gift to give someone in the hospital?

There are lots of gifts to give someone in the hospital that don’t need to be watered, consumed or set aside for later use. Are you ready to stop running with the herd through hospital gift shops and give a gift that will knock your favorite hospital patient’s no-skid socks off?

Is there a gift shop at Memorial Hospital?

At the Cottage Place Gift Shop at Memorial Hospital in South Bend, IN, they cater to this demographic and prepare specially for the siblings of new babies by handing out a free rose that they can present to mom. Along with the flower, the shop’s staffers give the big brother or big sister advice about what to say to mom.

What do you need to run a successful gift shop?

Like any modern retail store, integrating technology into your store is a must. While loyalty programs and customer resource management tools might not be as critical for your business type, you absolutely need solid inventory management, sales reporting, and product analytics.

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