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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a hospital gift shop successful?

The heartbeat of any health care facility, hospital gift shops benefit from a captive clientele, but they also have the tough task of merchandising to repeat customers, replenishing quick-turnover stock, and operating on a largely volunteer staff.

Are gift shops the Best-Kept Secrets in the retail world?

But there’s always one area that’s guaranteed to be a respite: the gift shop. “Hospital gift shops play a large role in the healing culture in a hospital, and many are the best-kept secrets in the retail world,” says Tim Herlich, manager of the Gift Shop at Evergreen, part of Evergreen Hospital Medical Center in Kirkland, WA.

What are the benefits of payroll deduction for hospital gift shops?

Because of the number of employees shopping at hospital gift shops, payroll deduction is a key offering to boost business. The swipe of a badge for payment is much easier than carrying around cash or a credit card, especially for workers who are popping in while on break.

What are the most popular holiday gifts for hospitals?

Major sellers across the board are what one would probably expect: plush, candy/snacks, balloons, and flowers. Women’s jewelry is gaining major steam, along with accessories. “With the economy the way it is, even [hospital] employees have pretty tight budgets,” Jones says.

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