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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a great hospital gift shop?

Hospital gift shops have a unique position of catering to customers who may not be experiencing the best of times. That doesn’t stop them from being on-trend boutiques offering a wide array of products to patients, visitors and hospital staff, however.

What makes Michigan Hospitals different from other gift stores?

“The product selection is more like a department store or specialty boutique than a typical hospital gift store,” said Marilyn Arace, the store’s buyer since the hospital opened. “We have garden décor, kitchen gadgets, jewelry and Michigan products — including Michigan State University and the University of Michigan.

What is the traffic like in a hospital gift shop?

Traffic in a hospital gift shop is predictably steady, and a sizable proportion of customers are hospital employees — in fact, this number can go as high as 80 percent, according to Cindy Jones, a speaker, consultant, and designer who heads retail consulting firm Cindy Jones Associates.

What are the benefits of payroll deduction for hospital gift shops?

Because of the number of employees shopping at hospital gift shops, payroll deduction is a key offering to boost business. The swipe of a badge for payment is much easier than carrying around cash or a credit card, especially for workers who are popping in while on break.

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