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Frequently Asked Questions

Can surgical masks be reused?

• Surgical masks are not tested against specific microorganisms and do not prevent specific diseases. • Never reuse, wash or disinfect surgical masks. • Never share surgical masks with others. • Place used or soiled masks into a tied plastic bag to prevent dripping.

What is a high filtration surgical mask?

High Filtration Procedure Mask by Medi-Pak feature stretchable ear loops which keep the mask in place. The mask features high filtration but also stays cool, comfortable and breathable. Ideal for use in medical procedures or by anyone who are looking for a breathing barrier between them and the world.

What is a medical mask?

Medical masks are more commonly known as surgical masks. They’re mainly used by health care professionals to protect themselves and others from the spread of airborne infectious diseases, bodily fluids and particulate matter.

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