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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hotwire include taxes?

Hotwire calculates estimated charges based on the rental car agency's published rates, taxes and fees, which may not include mandatory tax and insurance charges required for certain international rentals. A reservation will not result in a charge on the renter's account.

What does the name Hotwire mean?

hot-wire: [verb - transitive] to start a motor vehicle without keys. They found my SUV in the lake. Somebody hot-wired it. See more words with the same meaning: vehicles (related to) .

How do you Hotwire cars?

How to hotwire a car. Firstly, you will need a tire iron. Walk up to the car you want. Smash the drivers side window with the tire iron. Open the door lock from the inside, then get in. Firstly use the tire iron to smash the cowling around the steering columb to gain access to the igntion wiring. then take the two current wires,...

How can I cancel reservations from Hotwire?

Log in to your Hotwire account by clicking the "welcome" button at the top of the home page or "view/change" in your booking confirmation email. On the "my account" page, locate the reservation in question. Click the button to change or cancel the reservation and proceed through the confirmation screenings.

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