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Frequently Asked Questions

How is FLSA calculated?

To calculate FLSA for a separate check in the same pay run, it must be an off-cycle check. These definitions aid in the discussion of FLSA calculations: FLSA rate = (regular period pay + overtime pay at contractual + total other FLSA eligible earnings) / total FLSA eligible hours.

How do you calculate hours per week?

Figure Average Hours of Work. Divide the total hours worked by all employees by the number of employees. For example, if 10 employees worked an aggregate of 18,200 hours, in a year you have 18,200 divided by 10, which equals 1,820. Divide by 52 to find the average hours of work per employee. In this example, this works out to 35 hours per employee per week.

How do you add up work hours?

To add up a single day's hours, insert a simple = SUM (B7+D7) formula into the "Total hours" cell at the end of the first work day (E7 in this example). Once an employee has typed in their hours in the "morning" and "afternoon" cells, they will be automatically added up in the "total" field.

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