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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you figure payroll hours?

For example, an employee has 56 hours for the week. Pay the first 40 hours at his regular rate--40 x $10 an hour = $400 regular pay. Pay the rest as OT--16 hours x $15 ($10 x 1.5) = $240 OT pay. His paycheck should reflect: $400 regular + $240 overtime = $640 gross pay.

How do you calculate payroll hours?

Add all of the hours for the week to obtain the total hours for weekly payroll. For example, two nine-hour days, eight hours and six hours in one week equals 32 hours for the week. 4. Multiply the hours worked by the hourly rate to determine gross pay.

How do you calculate salary based on hourly rate?

The formula for salary to hourly we use is: The yearly salary is divided by the number of work hours during the year, where the number of work hours is derived by first calculating the number of work hours per day by dividing the hours per week by the work days per week, and then multiplying by the total number of work days per year.

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