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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate hourly salary?

Divide your gross income by your total work hours to convert your salary to an hourly wage. For example, if your gross salary is $41,600 per year and you worked 2,080 during that time, then your hourly wage is $20. $41,600 / 2,080 = $20.

How do you calculate daily pay rate?

To find the daily pay rate, divide the employee's annual salary by 52 to compute the weekly rate. Next, divide the weekly rate by the number of days the employee is usually expected to work.

What is the formula for calculating salary?

Calculating Annual Salary Using Bi-Weekly Gross 14 days in a bi-weekly pay period 365 days in the year* (*please use 366 for leap years) Formula: Annual Salary = Bi-Weekly Gross / 14 days X 365 days Example: if your bi-weekly gross is $1,917.81, your Annual Salary = $1,917.81 / 14 days X 365 days = $50,000

How do you calculate total annual income?

Calculate your annual salary. Find your total gross earnings, before deductions, on your pay stub. Multiply this amount by the number of paychecks you receive each year to calculate your total annual salary. Suppose you are paid biweekly, and your total gross salary is $1,900.

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