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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 40 hours too much to work a week?

"Somewhere in the range of 40 to 50 hours per week is more than enough for most people," says Randy Simon, Ph.D., a licensed clinical psychologist based in Montclair and Summit, New Jersey. Prior to getting her Ph.D., Simon spent years working in corporate HR as a career and executive coach. But simply counting work hours can be deceiving.

Is 40 hours a week considered part or full time?

Though a 40-hour work week is commonly considered full time, the United States Department of Labor reports that the Fair Labor Standards Act - a document that outlines the basic work laws, including minimum wage and overtime pay, for U.S. employees - does not define full-time employment or part-time employment.

Is a salary based on a 40 Hour Week?

For some reason, this does not seem to extend to salaries. Salaries are based on forty (40) hour work weeks (this is not in writing, but it is implied, as non-exempt employees receiving a salary are eligible for overtime after 40 hours) and employers often concede to this fact in writing.

Would you work 40+ hours a week?

Working 40 hours a week is the standard set of hours many full-time employees work . Though the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) currently does not define full-time employment, due to the Affordable Care Act's healthcare requirements, many employers consider people who more than 30 hours a week to be full-time employees.

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