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Frequently Asked Questions

How to see how much time I have listened to music on?

What stats for Spotify does is gives you detailed reports for periods such as wekek, four weeks, six months, and all time, allowing for you to see which artists you streamed the most, and which tracks you listened to the most. 2. | Play music, find songs, and discover artists is really great too!

How many hours per day do you listen to Japanese?

But, it is based on a rough calculation. I was fluent (perhaps not native-level, but definitely, absolutely fluent) at about 18 months. Over those 18 months, I listened to 18-24 hours per day of Japanese, which comes to 10,000 hours.

What kind of music is in the hours?

But the best thing about "The Hours" is the soundtrack. This is perfect music for painting, writing, or just chilling out for relaxation. It is evocative, dramatic, wistful, pensive, and non-obtrusive.

How to build listening comprehension in 10, 000 hours?

Right there ↑ . Go on. Click on it. Patrons get goodies like early access to content (days, weeks, months and even YEARS before everyone else), mutlimedia stuff and other goodies! A lot of people have complained, well, complain is a strong word, but pointed out to me: “Hey, Khatzumoto. What the heck, son?! Your method is too writing-focused!”.

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