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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about Redcort Software?

Redcort Software offers Virtual TimeClock software to businesses looking for full time clock software features and functionality. Virtual TimeClock automatically tracks and reports employee timecard hours in addition to managing overtime and accrued and used employee vacation and leave time.

How to calculate labor hours on a time card?

Use this calculator to add up a time sheet or for time card labor hours. Enter only integers such as 1215 for 12:15 or 137 for 1:37. For a full time card use a Time Card Calculator. Enter start time and end time without '.'or':'.

How does the time card calculator work for You?

Our Free Time Card Calculator allows you to enter employee start, stop and break times in Hours and Minutes format. The calculator then computes the daily and weekly time totals in decimal format. Our Virtual TimeClock software impartially records employee start, stop and break times in real-time.

How to calculate the number of hours per 60 minutes?

You'll need to convert the minutes part to hours. 15 minutes times 1 hour per 60 minutes will make the conversion to hours and minutes will cancel out. 15 min × (1 hr / 60 min) = (15/60) hr = 0.25 hr Adding the 0.25 to the 7.0 our total is 7.0 + 0.25 = 7.25 hours In Reverse, converting from decimal hours to minutes.

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