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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I Reset my laptop to the factory settings?

Insert the HP recovery disk. Restart the computer, and press the "F11" key. Press the "F" key to "reinstall factory settings.". If your computer's operating system is damaged, you may only see "perform a full system recovery" as an option.

How can I restore my computer to original settings?

Immediately insert the recovery disk into the computer while it's still in its startup sequence. The computer should detect the recovery disk. Wait for the computer to activate the CD. You should get an option to restore the computer to its original settings. Confirm that you want to restore the computer's defaults.

How do you factory reset a Sony laptop?

Perform a master reset on a Sony Vaio computer by powering the device off, pressing the Assist button and pressing F10. When prompted, select the keyboard layout you prefer and the troubleshoot option followed by the option for system recovery. Insert a USB drive to save any data you need.

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