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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I listen to a podcast on Google Home?

There are a couple of ways to do this: by using your voice, or by casting. We’ll cover both. The easiest way to fire up a podcast on Google Home is by simply telling your Google Assistant to play the podcast you want to hear.

Do you have a podcast app on your phone?

If you're a podcast fiend already, you probably have an app on your phone. In 2018 Google launched its own app, the imaginatively titled Google Podcasts, but there's also Apple Podcasts for iPhone and also a ton of existing third party podcast apps.

How do I adjust the volume of a podcast on Google Home?

Once it's playing, you can also go into the Devices tab of the Google Home app, find the speaker, then use the controls there to pause/resume/stop and adjust the volume of the podcast you're listening to. On Google Home speakers, you can also use the physical play/pause/volume controls on the device to control it while it's playing.

How do I send a podcast to my home screen?

To send a podcast to your Home, just tap on the Cast icon in any app that supports the feature, and then choose the speaker to which you want to cast. The podcast should start playing immediately.

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