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Frequently Asked Questions

What awards should you include on a resume?

It goes without saying that some of the very best awards to put on a resume are those that reward excellent performance. Whether it is for sales or for the company safety record, these types of awards show that you are an asset to any organization you work for, and that you take your responsibilities very seriously.

How do you List honors on a resume?

Listing Honors. You would list your honors designation on your resume after your degree and before your major. If your school uses the Latin terms "cum laude" (with honor), "magna cum laude" (with great honor) and "summa cum laude" (with highest honor), use the appropriate term without capitalization.

What are some good words to put on a resume?

Some of the best words to use in a resume aren’t just keywords related to skills and responsibilities, but actions you have mastered from your previous experience. These are known as action verbs. According to Forbes, here are some of the best words you can include in your resume, most of which are action verbs: Achieved. Improved. Trained/mentored.

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