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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 3 rating scales for employee performance?

What are the Top 3 Rating Scales for Employee Performance? 1 1. The 5-Point Performance Rating Scale. This is, by far, the most commonly used performance review rating scale in the world. The 5-point, or ... 2 2. Likert Scale. 3 3. 10-Point Rating Scale.

Should HR use a 10-point or 5-point scale to measure performance?

Many critics argue that the 5-point scale is too limited to account for the “in-betweens,” or people who are better than three but not as good as 4, for example. With a 10-point option, though, this becomes less of a problem. Every HR department should utilize a rating scale to measure employee performance.

How are overall performance ratings and goals measured?

Overall performance ratings are given on a 5-point scale, observing employees with performances that are leading (5), strong (4), solid (3), building (2), and not meeting expectations (1). Goals are also tracked using a 3-point rating scale that measures whether a goal or project was on time, on budget, and accomplished.

What are the levels of performance appraisal at UC Berkeley?

The University of California, Berkeley human resources department currently conducts performance appraisals with a 5-level rating scale, ranging from Exceptional to Unsatisfactory. Supervisors that assign a Level 2 (Improvement Needed) or Level 1 (Unsatisfactory) rating to an employee must complete a Performance Improvement Plan for said employee.

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